Value of the IOL Tool Leadership Assessment

Think of it this way. The past matters. But, the future counts.

It’s true in your company, and especially in your leadership team. You need the knowledge and expertise each individual member brings to the table to maximize strengths and improve weaknesses. Leadership development with IOL Tool will ultimately lead to sustainable long-term success for your organization and its members.

Applications for IOL Tool

the individual elader

The Individual Leader

Are you a leader of an organization, learning and development institution or business in the middle of change management?

Are you in a new position with the desire to establish baseline leadership behavior?

Are you a leader of an underperforming team or department, seeking to identify specific improvement areas and provide strategies to develop skills and behaviors to meet developmental needs?

Is your team or department demonstrating low morale or energy? Do you need insights into the origin of that dynamic and specific strategies for improvement?

Do you want to identify the best practices and scalability of your high-performing team or department?

Are you simply interested in deepening your leadership competencies?

buisness organizations

Business Organizations

Are you part of an organization going through change management with the need to establish a baseline for leadership behavior and identify areas of improvement?

Is your organization experiencing low morale or declining performance? Do you need insights into the origin of that dynamic and specific strategies for improvement?

Do you work in a high performing organization that would like to identify leadership best practices and pin point the origin of that performance for scalability?

Is your organization looking for a proven way to measure and create organizational wide buy-in to the importance of the business culture, constructive behaviors and building powerful leaders?

learning development

Learning and Development Organizations

Does your learning and development organization desire to streamline and simplify the use of assessments, clear the clutter of outdated and/or over-complicated assessments?

Would you like to measure the effectiveness of development programs in use or used in the past and identify leadership competencies and strategies you can put to use?

Does your leadership and development organization wish to provide program participants with a real world assessment that measures current leadership performance and can track development over time?

iol tool leadership

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IOL Tool Leadership Assessment Customers share their experiences

The services provided by IOL Tool were simple and immediate. The IOL Tool system provided us with a thorough evaluation of our team and the relationships and aspects that make up our team. We, as coaches, learned a lot about our leadership and how our team views us as leaders, which with the help of IOL Tool, allowed us to develop a strategic plan for the future..

Andrew DiBitetto
UNC Men's Golf Associate Head Coach

In leadership development, The IOL Tool is one of the best and most concrete tools I have seen. Easy to use while at the same time powerful. The IOL Tool could very well be the very definition of great leadership. I am impressed.

Paul Fein
Vice President of Learning & Development
Getinge Group